Are you considering a move to Old Town? We invite you to join us! 
Our community is well maintained, with lots of friendly people.

The Old Town Homeowner’s Association (OTHOA) welcomes you, and we look forward to getting to know you.

With the investment that each owner has in their condo, we ask that everyone respect the privacy and harmony with which we have come to expect in our community.  This is especially important considering the close proximity of residents to each other.

We have put together some helpful information for you regarding your rights and responsibilities.

Most questions you should have about parking, pets, pools, HOA fees, the Clubhouse, and so on will be answered in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

You should receive a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, and Policies at the time of closing, or from your landlord.  Those documents include all the rules by which we are governed, rules all residents agree to live by.

As a resident, we welcome you to our Board Meetings, held the third Tuesday of every month, at 7pm in the Clubhouse.  The contact information is also included in every monthly newsletter,
which are hand-delivered to residents.

Sign up on our website for eBulletin notices.
Become involved by participating on committees, running for the Board, and so on.
We encourage you to let us know your area of interest and expertise,
and join a great team of volunteers!

Again, we look forward to you being in our community.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or needs.Property Management: Goodwin Management – James Browder, Manager

email: [email protected]
Desk: 512-852-7927
Cell: 512-919-9691

  • Changes to your Unit:  Any change to the outside of your unit (painting, replacing lights, windows, doors, adding a satellite dish or patio cover, running cable wires over the roof, etc.)
    MUST go through the architectural review process beforehand.
  • Requesting Service/Repairs:  The Association is responsible for most exterior maintenance of the buildings and grounds.  Other than termite control, the Association performs no pest extermination on the interior of units.  For service covered by the Association, you can contact your phase representative, use the online service request form on this website, or you may call our management company, Goodwin Managment, at 512-852-7927.
  • Insurance:  There are two forms of insurance:
    1) the HOA insurance, which covers the exterior and basic interior finish out of the unit and all common areas, and
    2) insurance on the contents of each unit, which is the responsibility of the homeowner or resident.
    Each homeowner/resident should carry homeowner’s insurance to cover any upgrades,
    and the $5000 deductible of the HOA policy.
  • Garbage and recycling:  The dumpsters are intended for bagged household trash only;
    Construction materials are prohibited.  Please break down cardboard boxes or other bulky items before placing them in the dumpsters.  Please be considerate of residents who live close to the dumpsters – seal food items whenever possible, and close dumpster lids at all times. Old Town has a bulk pick up once a year, for all items not allowed in the dumpsters. Old Town recycles paper, metal, and plastic (NO Glass) with bins located in each phase.
  • Water Meters:  In the event of flooding in your unit, you may be responsible for damages to other units.
    It is very important that you determine the location of your water cut-off in case of an emergency, where you will need to get access to cut-off the water on your unit.
    The location of your water meter is determined individually by the unit, usually at the rear of the unit.  Each meter is numbered, and the list of water meter numbers by unit can be found online on our website.
  • Electric meters/breakers:  It is very important that you determine the location of your electrical meter, in case of an emergency,
    where you will need to get access to cut the power to your unit.  The location of your electric meter is determined individually by unit, usually in the rear.
    Each unit also has a breaker for the A/C unit, and a breaker box inside the unit.