2021 OTHOA Board Of Directors

President:  Tracey Calloway

Vice President: Ruth Maldonado

Secretary: Daniel Racer

Treasurer: Yolanda Ayala

Phase I Representative: Valerie Malone

Phase II Representative: Mark Fisher 

Phase III Representative: Glenn Harcrow

Board Sponsors/Committees

Architectural: Glenn Harcrow

Landscape: Yolanda Ayala

Safety/Compliance/Parking: Daniel Racer

Clubhouse: Valerie Malone

Communications (Website) Ruth Maldonado

Newsletter: Yolanda Ayala

Finance: Tracey Calloway/Yolanda Ayala

Property Management: Goodwin Management

Andrew Hopkins, Manager

email: [email protected]

Desk: 512-852-7907
Cell: 512-937-2960

If you have any additional questions about the Old Town HOA community, please Contact Us today!