Something outside my house needs repair.
How do I submit a Request for Service?

  • You may contact your Phase Representative or Goodwin, our management company; look up both under Boards and Committees
  • You may submit your service request through the Request for Service link, which is forwarded to both Goodwin and your Phase Rep

Which of the three ‘Phases’ do I live in?  Does Old Town have maps?

  • Maps for Phases I-III are included in Documents, under Phase Maps
  • Phase I covers all condos south of Coronado Hills, and on Creekside
  • Phase II covers condos north of Coronado Hills, until the bottom of the hill (Browning, Voltaire, and so on)
  • Phase III covers condos north of Coronado Hills, from the bottom of the hill on (Sandberg, Hemingway, and so on)

Where can I find a detailed listing of the rules & regulations of Old Town?

  • For all residents, we have provided the Old Town Declaration of Condo Regime, Bylaws, and Community Policies online (in PDF format)
  • Owners should receive a copy of these documents at closing
  • Tenants should receive a copy from respective owners/landlords
  • A printed copy can be obtained thru Goodwin Management

Who is on the governing board of Old Town, and how can I contact them?

What do I need to know about the swimming pools?

  • All residents need a key to enter the pool
    • You should receive a key from the former owner or the management company, Goodwin
    • If you did not receive your key, you can request them from Goodwin Management, with proof of residency
  • There are two swimming pools: one in Phase I and Phase III, open daily
  • The pool hours close daily at 10:00 pm
  • Please try to be thoughtful of the homeowners nearby, and keep the noise to a minimum
  • No pets, glass, smoking, loud music, rough play, or grilling are allowed in or around the pools
  • Limit 4 guests per condo; resident must accompany guests
  • There is no lifeguard; all residents swim at their own risk
  • Nobody under age 14 is allowed without adult supervision
    • Closing time for those 14 and under is at 9:00 pm
  • There are no poolside restrooms
  • No street clothes are allowed in the pools

What do I need to know about the Tennis Courts?

  • The tennis courts are open 7 am to 10 pm, year round
  • The tennis courts are available on a first come, first served basis
  • Residents must have their Pool Badge along when using the tennis courts
    • If lacking one, Residents can receive a badge and/or key from the management company, Goodwin, with proof of residency
  • Limit 4 guests per condo; resident must accompany guests
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Skateboards, bicycles and all other wheeled vehicles are prohibited on the tennis court
  • Breakable containers are not allowed on the courts
  • Homeowners who are behind on their monthly homeowners fees are prohibited from using the tennis courts, until current on those dues

What do I need to know about the Clubhouse?  How can I reserve it?

  • Available to residents for rental, the building is located at 1801 Coronado Hills Drive, next too the Phase I pool
  • Per Austin fire code, maximum number of people for an event in the clubhouse is 50.
  • Old Town holds community parties, HOA Meetings, and movie nights in the clubhouse.
  • It can be can also be reserved for private use by all Old Town residents, provided:
    • Resident has a made a reservation inquiry that has been approved
    • Has submitted verification of HOA good standing-current on all assessments/delinquencies
    • Resident has paid the appropriate usage fee. Once 4 reservations/year is reached, the usage fee and deposit will be increased
    • Resident is current in all homeowner fees
    • Resident is present in the clubhouse at all times
    • Resident is using the clubhouse for personal use only (not for business, political, or non-social purposes)
    • Resident cleans the building thoroughly after use

Where can I park?

  • Resident parking is restricted to the carport or garage of each unit (two spaces)
  • No resident may park a car in the Visitor/guest parking spaces; this rule also applies to anyone living with a resident
  • Parking is not permitted along Old Town streets; these are fire lanes, and must be kept clear
  • Coronado Hills Drive is a city street, subject to City of Austin regulations
  • Violators will be towed.
  • Contact your Phase Rep. with any concerns.

Can I park a boat, camper, etc., in my parking space?
Yes, you may use your two carport parking spaces as your needs require. Keep in mind, however, that all Visitor parking in Old Town is for guests only. Owner parking is limited to the individual carport, garage, or driveway of each unit.

Where can my guests park?
Guests may park in the any of the guest parking areas labeled ‘Visitor’,  for no longer than 24 hours per visit.
If you have a guest that may need longer, the Phase Representative can provide you with a guest parking sticker.

What are the Old Town rules regarding pets?
Pets are allowed at Old Town, provided they qualify under the following:

  • Except for birds and fish, no more than two animals may be kept in a unit
  • Animals may not exceed 40 pounds in weight, except for guide dogs for disabled persons
  • Animals are not allowed in or near the pool, except for guide dogs for disabled persons
  • All residents must clean up after their pets, an Old Town rule and City of Austin Ordinance that is strictly enforced
    • Both solid waste and kitty litter must be put in plastic bags, and thrown in the trash (not in flower beds, the creek, or other common areas)
    • Those found in violation will be fined $50 per offense
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times, except the following:
    • When in a resident’s patio
    • When in the leash-free dog play area, near the creek in Phase III
  • Pets cannot violate Austin City Code

Can I make modifications to exterior of my unit? 

  • All exterior changes or modifications to the exterior of the property, including installation of satellite dish, landscaping, painting, etc., must be approved by the Architectural Committee and the Board of Directors
  • The Architectural Request Form and Satellite Waiver Form are available in Documents, under Architectural Modification Request Forms

Owners are responsible for maintenance of windows, screens, and doors, and for pest control of non-wood eating insects.
Maintenance of existing building add-ons (patio covers, etc.) are the responsibility of the owner. 

What are the requirements if I lease my unit?
For all units not occupied by the owner (leased units), the condo owner is required to:

  • Provide the HOA board a copy of the lease
  • Provide the tenant with a copy of the Regime, Bylaws, and Community Policies
  • Lease for a period of no less than 6 months

Contact management regarding this requirement and details.

When are monthly homeowner fees due?

  • Homeowner fees are due on the 1st of each month, and are late if received after the 15th
  • Checks should be made payable to Old Town Homeowners Association, and mailed to our bank lockbox location at:

Old Town HOA
c/o Goodwin Processing Center
PO Box 93447
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3447

You can also setup automatic draft on the Goodwin Website. For accounting help: (512) 502-7515 or [email protected]

Residents can also pay online (for a fee) by echeck or with a credit card after logging into the Goodwin website.

Alliance Bank:

Convenience Fees (Alliance Bank)

ACH Payment:                   $1.95 per transaction

Credit Card:                        3% of Payment

Debit Card:                          $5 flat fee


Convenience Fees (TWNSQ)

ACH Payment:                   $1.50 per transaction

Credit/Debit Card:            $1.50 + 3.5% per transaction

Payments received after the final day of the month will result in a $30 late fee.

What are the opportunities for me to actively participate in the Old Town Homeowners Association? 

  • Participation can come in many forms: Board member, including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (Elections held each December)
  • Phase Representative, for Phases I, II, and III (Elections held each December)
  • Committee, Project and Assistants (check with board member for needs)
  • Tasks are often delegated based on your area of interest and skills
  • We encourage you to let us know your area of interest and expertise, and join a great team of volunteers!
  • Contact your Phase rep, or any board member for further info:  Boards and Committees

How do I keep current with news and business matters of Old Town? 

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Participate in HOA operations
  • Read the monthly HOA newsletter, the Old Town Crier
  • Visit this website regularly, and check out the What’s New link

Who handles trash pickup, and what are the rules?

  • Trash is picked up by a private waste company on Tuesday & Friday mornings
  • Please break down bulky items before placing them in the dumpsters
  • The dumpsters are intended for household trash only
  • No construction material is allowed in the dumpsters
  • Please be considerate of residents who live close to the dumpsters – seal food items whenever possible
  • Large items must be held until our Annual Bulk pickup, announced in the Old Town Crier

Are there recycling bins at Old Town?

  • Old Town recycles paper, glass, phone books, cardboard & plastic in single-stream bins, located throughout each Phase
  • Observe recycling categories, as noted on the containers
  • If your nearest bin is full, go to the next nearest bin, or wait until it is emptied
  • Old Town does not recycle batteries, motor oil, or hazardous substances
  • For more information on where to recycle anything and everything in Austin, go to the Austin A-Z Recycling Guide

Where is my water meter, and how do I turn off the water to my unit? 

It is very important that you determine the location of your water cut-off.
In the event of an emergency, you will need to cut the water off from your unit.
Phase l – Generally, the water meter & shutoff is located either in front of each unit, or in a group at the end of a row of units.
Phase ll – Varies by each individual unit.
Phase lll – Generally, the water meter & shutoff is located in the rear of each unit, or in a group at the end of row of units.

Where is the main electrical circuit breaker/electric meter for my unit? 
It is very important that you determine the location of your electrical meter.
In the event of an emergency, you will need to cut the power to your unit.
Phase l – Generally, in a group at the end of row of units.
Phase ll – Varies by each individual unit.
Phase lll – Generally, in the rear carport area of each unit

How do I purchase homeowners (renters) insurance? 
From the agent of your choice.
NOTEInsurance for common areas is purchased through the HOA, and is included in the monthly homeowner fee

What special rules apply to children in Old Town?

  • Each owner is responsible for the conduct of children who are tenants or guests in their unit
  • Children under age 10 may not be left in the unit without an adult
  • No children’s toys may be left outside.
  • Pool: No person under age 14 may use the pool, unless accompanied by an adult (a person over 18).  Children under age 14 may not use the pool after 9:00 P.M.  Parents & persons caring for small children must take extra care to make sure that their small children do not enter the pool areas without an adult who can swim.
  • Tennis courts: No skateboard, bicycles or any other wheeled vehicles are allowed on the courts.  Breakable containers are not allowed on the courts.
  • Children’s toys must be picked up, and may not be left out in the open

Where is the nearest U.S. Post Office?

  • The local post office (78752) is located at 900 Blackson Ave., 512-419-7504
    • Retail Hours 8:30 am – 5 pm, Mon.-Fri.
  • The Main post office is located at 8225 Cross Park Dr. (78710), 512-342-1259
    • Retail Hours 7:30 am – 5:30 pm M-F; Sat. 8 am – 3 pm
    • Lobby Hours (with self-service machine) 24 hours/day

When is mail delivered? 
Mon.- Sat., between 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM

Will the Postman pickup outgoing mail from my mailbox? 
Yes, simply raise your mailbox flag, or clip the mail to the outside of the mailbox

How do I request the Post Office to hold my mail when I’m away? 
Call the PO or fill out the form here.

Are there city bus stops nearby? 

  • Yes. Schedules and route maps are available at, or by calling 512-474-1200
  • 161 & 300 routes stop on Coronado Hills Dr. & Berkman Dr.
  • 320, 339 & 485 routes stop on Cameron Rd.
  • The CR route stops on Camino La Costa

Are there Cap Metro bus fare discounts for seniors, and those with disabilities?

  • Yes, but you must first apply for a Reduced Fare ID Card  
  • Use this link, or call 512-389-7575 for more info

Are Special Transit Services available from the City?

  • Yes, but you must first qualify for them
  • View the information at Capital MetroAccess, or call them at 512-389-7501

How do I find city services?
Austin Information  (or non-emergency services) – 311 or 512-974-2000
Emergencies (fire, police, ambulance) – 911
Power outages – 512-322-9100
Utilities – City of Austin Utilities – 512-494-9400
St. Johns Library – 512-974-7570, 7500 Blessing Avenue, 78752
Senior Services, Sr. Centers – Parks & Recreation Dept. – 512-974-6700

What area hospitals are nearby?
Seton Medical Center – 512-324-1000, 1201 W. 38th Street, 78705
St. David’s Medical Center – 512-476-7111, 919 E. 32nd Street, 78705
Dell Children’s Center – 512-324-0000, 4900 Mueller Blvd., 78723